Our Mission

Established over 125 years ago in the New England Capital of Leather, Peabody, Massachusetts. LEATHERwks now resides in Miami, Florida. We are aware of how fragile and precious our environment is, which is the reason we use a vegetable, semi vegetable, and Chrome tanning process on our leathers. This process helps us to protect our environment by only using natural substances, animal fats and oils, that are easier to recycle. We pride ourselves on offering the best handmade leathers from not only the mountains of Italy, but other countries as well. Since the fashion industry is a constantly changing environment, we are always trying to anticipate the new fashions and colors that help to create new leathers that will be well accepted by all stylists.

LEATHERwks’ goal is to balance hand working with a long leather tradition to make the most technically advanced and fashion forward leathers in the world.